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Podcast Recording Kit

Equipment Overview

This Podcast Kit is equipped with a Zoom H6, 4 microphones with mic stands and windscreens as well as headphones for playback. 

This kit is great for:

  • podcasts
  • interviews


Item Image Item name Item Description
Audio recorder Audio Recorder Zoom H6 audio recording device 


Dynamic Supercardiod Microphone 4 - Zoom ZDM-1 microphones with windscreen, tripod and XLR cables
Charged Batteries 4 rechargeable AA batteries (2 in the recorder, 2 spare)

Headphones Sony MDR-7506 headphones for monitoring sound recording and playback, terminates in 3.5mm plug
SD card Card where media is stored. Removable for backup of recording media onto personal device.

SD card reader Connect to external device via USB-C to backup media from SD card
Sony soft carry case For ease of use and to safely transport equipment