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Wellness: Library Resources

What you'll find in this guide: 1) Resources on mindfulness from the Tufts Libraries, with especial emphasis on Vet Library; 2) Downloads to develop a mindfulness practice; and 3) Activities for relaxation and destress.


Webster Family Library (the vet library) has numerous materials for you to borrow. Feel free to contact us if you need additional assistance.

Leisure & Wellness Collections

Leisure - The Vet Library has 128 leisure titles.

Wellness - We also have 44 wellness titles in addition to coloring books and colors.

Both collections are situated in a corner of the library for your privacy and comfort.

Below is a listing of titles in this area, though always check online for availability first.

Boston Public Library (BPL) Resources

If you live, own property, or work in Massachusetts, you can get a BPL card. Students who live here at least part of the year are also eligible. You can sign up for an eCard at this link.

Once signed up you can access BPL's digital holdings, including audiobooks, videos, and e-books (including graphic novels).

A selection of wellness titles has been included below, including how to access them through BPL's catalog.