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No-cost course materials & Open Educational Resources (OER)

This guide provides resources for finding alternatives to pricey textbooks and locating open educational resources (OER)

Find textbooks, course materials, and more in one search

The resources listed in this box allow you to search for a range of course materials--including textbooks, syllabi, lectures notes, videos, and more--in a single search.

Note that because these sites search a wide range of sources and types of resources, you're likely to get a large number of results. If you're looking specifically for textbooks, or would like to browse for materials within a specific discipline, see the resources listed in the other boxes on this page.

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More sources

Find open textbooks

Resources listed here search collections of open textbooks. If you're interested in scholarly monographs or edited volumes, see the Find open scholarly books box.

Find open scholarly books

Find free materials by discipline

The resources listed here allow you to browse for open course material -- including textbooks, syllabi, journals, and more -- by a particular subject or discpline.

Course material & syllabi

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Contact Tisch staff for any questions about selecting or using OER.