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SOC 0102: Qualitative Research Methods

This guide is designed to support students in Sociology 102: Qualitative Research Methods

Core Database: Sociological Abstracts

Sociological Abstracts is the primary database for searching for articles in the field of Sociology. This is your key tool to find relevant sources across sociological literature.

Related Discipline Databases

Interdisciplinary Article Databases

Searching Tips

You can search for books about sociology in the library catalog in several ways:

Keyword Searching

Type in words that describe your topic:

Subject searching

If you know the Library of Congress subject heading used to describe your area of research, you can search for a particular subject. If you don't know the Library of Congress Subject Headings, speak to a librarian for help. Some examples of subject searches are:

Books on Sociology can be found under the call number range HM1-HX970.9 (Tisch Level 1).