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Photography Kit

Getting Started

1. Power on/off

  • Turn on the camera. 
  • A charged battery and reformatted SD card should already be in the camera. 

2. Select Mode

  • The default settings on this device were built in Manual mode with Auto exposure settings. The camera is set to capture RAW + Fine JPEG files at a 3:2 aspect ratio.  These are standard quality settings. You can adjust these settings in the menu.


Adjusting Settings

There are lots of settings you may interested in changing.  Some settings to consider adjusting are:

  • White balance: Click Fn >  AWB and use the scroll wheel near the display to adjust
  • Aperture or F-stop: Use the wheel next to the mode wheel on the top of the camera to adjust
  • Shutter speed: Use the scroll wheel near the display to adjust
  • ISO: Click Fn > ISO and use the scroll wheel near the display.
  • Flash: If using the flash, toggle to TTL using the Mode button to have the flash automatically adjust based on your exposure.

More information on these settings is included in the guide for "Understanding Exposure for Photography and Film".