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Tripod Kit


This kit has 3 parts: Tripod, Tripod Plate and Carrying Case. 

  • This portable tripod can be paired with most DSLR cameras, including those included in both the Photography Kit and the Video Recording Kit that are available for checkout. 
  • This tripod comes equipped with a fluid head for smooth camera movement

Set Up

1. Spread open tripod legs and adjust height to your preference using the lever-style leg locks to lock in place. 

2. Remove the tripod plate by unscrewing the knob to the left side (opposite the handle) and pushing in the quick release lever. 

3. Screw the tripod plate into the bottom of the camera

  • On the underside of the tripod plate is an arrow showing in what direction the lens should be facing when attaching the camera to the tripod plate (the lens should sit above the "TRI" label)

4. Put the tripod plate with attached camera back onto the tripod by pushing in the quick release lever as you are sliding the plate back into the tripod head.

  • Once the plate with the camera is slid in place, release the level to lock the camera in place and tighten the knob that you used earlier to remove the plate.

5. Once the camera is in place, use the level to make sure your camera is probably balanced on the tripod. 


1. Repeat Steps 3-5 above to remove the camera from the tripod plate and return the tripod plate to the tripod head. 

2. Push down the silver levers on each leg to unlock each and fold back into their original position.

3. Fold the tripod plate so that it faces the ground and adjust the handle accordingly by screwing and unscrewing the knob to tighten. 

4. Place back in the soft carrying case