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Tripod Kit

Getting Started

This accessory is used to stabilize camera movement when using a DSLR cameras included in either the Photography Kit or the Video Recording Kit (please check these out separately).

Common Uses


Other than generally stabilizing shots, use your tripod in these situations as well:


Timed Photos

  • Set the tripod up so that if you leave the camera to be in a photo, when the timer goes off your position will be good to go!


Slow Motion and Time Lapse

  • Making slow motion and time lapse videos requires stabilization.
  • Changing the frame rate makes the camera very sensitive to slight hand movements, so make sure to use a tripod for smooth slow motion and time lapse video.
  • For more info on making these videos, consult the Filmmaking Techniques guide


Convert Your Tripod into a Monopod

  • A monopod is a tripod with only one leg. This can be very helpful during field shoots. 
  • Sometimes you will be moving around or walking, but still want a stabilized shot without that shaky hand effect.
  • You can adjust the tripod legs and center bar so that the legs are folded in as if there was only one leg. This makes the tripod easy to hold when needing to carry the camera while recording.




  • Panning is when you move the camera from left to right.



  • Tilting is when you move the camera up and down. 


You may use these techniques to create dynamic moving shots. Sometimes you may want to combine a pan or tilt with a zoom, or another type of movement for interesting compositions.


This is an example of a tracking shot (following the subject usually with a dolly) combined with a pan.


You can also do something called a whip pan or tilt which is essentially a really fast pan or tilt.