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Research Guides@Tufts

Lighting Kit

Getting Started

In the box are:

  • Two LED floodlights
  • One LED spot/fresnel 
  • Three tripods

1. Extend the tripod legs so it has a solid base.

2.  Attach the batteries by sliding it into place on the back of the panel. 

3. Attach the light to the tripod.

  • Attach the light(s) to the shoe mount. (a)
  • While the tripod is still low to the ground, attach the light withshoe mount to the tripod by screwing it on. (b)
  • Once the lights are placed onto the tripod, adjust the tripod to the desired height by using the knobs. (c)

4.  Fine-tune lighting 

  • For different light shapes or effects, attach the barn doors and/or diffusion panel
  • Pull the release pin on the back of the light in order to slide the barn doors od diffusion panel into the channel on the front of the light.