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Lighting Kit



These IKAN OBK2316 Flyweight Interview Kit is equipped with 2 iLED312-v2 lights, one iLED6 light, 3 compact stands, 3 Sony L Series batteries with accompanying chargers, 2 diffusion panels, and more. This kit is lightweight and great for on-the-go shooting. Consider using this kit in a three-point lighting set up which is ideal for interviews, commercial filmmaking and photography and even scripted production. 

This kit is great for:

  • Short Films
  • Interviews
  • Indoor & Outdoor Shoots


Image Item Name Item Description

2 iLED312-v2 ON-Camera Dual Color LED Lights with barn doors

Portable LED panels with barn doors powered by rechargeable batteries 

2 Diffusion Filters Attachable diffusion filters for the LED312 lights

1 iLED6 Zoom ENG LED Light

Portable LED spotlight with barn doors powered by rechargeable batteries
3 Sony L Series (DV) Battery These batteries are compatible with both LED lights included in this kit

3 DV battery chargers with AC adapters Charger for the Sony L Series (DV) batteries with wall plug-in

3 Compact Stand(s)-v3 Portable stands for the LED312 and iLED6 lights 
3 shoe mounts For attaching the lights to the compact stands
IKAN soft carry case For ease of use and to safely transport equipment