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Lavalier Microphone Kit

General Tips


Whether you choose to record with the Zoom H5 or the Smartphone Adapter, here are things to keep in mind:

  • If using the Zoom H5, you will need to check out the Audio Recording Kit in addition to the Lavalier Microphone Kit
  • If using the Rode Smartphone Adapter, it is designed to be compatible with Apple devices (ie. iPhones).
  • If you're looking to carry less equipment, the Rode Smartphone Adapter is a good option.
  • Be mindful of rustling noise from clothing.  
  • Leave some slack near the mic to avoid your subject moving and pulling on the mic.
  • To avoid loud bursts of air hitting the mic while your subject is speaking, turn the microphone to face the floor rather than their mouth.  On windy days, move the mic closer to the speakers mouth or even try placing under clothing. 
  • You may want to pair this kit with the Video Recording Kit for filmed interviews and more
  • If planning on syncing audio to recorded video, make sure to clap when both the Lav Mic and the camera are recording for easy editing.