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Audio Recording Kit

small size equipment

Getting Started

1. Attach microphone

  • To detach or attach the microphone of your choice, press the two buttons on either side of the silver box at the same time then gently lift or gently press down.

2. Power on/off

  • To power on and off the device, slide and hold the power button on the left side of the device for 3 seconds. 

3. Recording Settings

  • The settings on this device are set to record a .wav stereo file at 48kHz/24 bit.These are standard quality settings. You can adjust these settings in the menu under Rec Format.



Adjusting Settings

Set the type of recording by clicking Menu>Rec Mode

  • If using the stereo mic or directional mic at the top of the H5, select Stereo File.
  • If using microphones in Channel 1 or 2, select MultiFile

More information on when to use what mic is further detailed in the "Recording" and "Tips" section of this guide.