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MyTERN Podcast Project

Framing the MyTERN Podcast Project


The Audience for MyTERN Conversations is wide open. You can expect that it may include but not be limited to your friends and family; Tufts faculty, staff, students, and administrators; legislators


While the broad topic of MyTERN Conversations is already set to focus on the experiences of transition from life inside to life outside, the overarching themes of each episode will vary. You'll decide upon these themes with your groups.


Regardless of theme, episodes will include some or all of the following elements

  • MyTERN intro
  • Episodic intro
  • Individual personal narratives
  • Conversations amongst group members woven throughout the episode
  • Narration that connects the stories together

In Action

Take a look at the past seasons of the MyTERN Podcast and choose one episode. After listening to your selected episode, consider the following:

  • What's one element that is working really well?
  • What's one element that could use some improvement?