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Music: Managing Citations

This is a general music research guide that highlights electronic music resources available at Tufts University, as well as a number of open-access online resources. You can search the library catalog to find additional materials and databases.

Citation Resources

View guides to get help using major citation styles, including American Psychological Association, Chicago Manual of Style, and Modern Language Association.

Chicago Manual of Style Online (via Tisch Library)

  • Quick Start Guide (includes sample citations for a variety of content and formats; examples include notes and bibliography formats)

Citation Management Tools 

Do you know when to cite a reference? Check your knowledge with this interactive tool.


Should I Cite?

should I cite flowchart

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Citing Online Content

News Interview

Stamper, Kory. “From ‘F-Bomb’ to ‘Photobomb,’ How the Dictionary Keeps Up with English.” Interview by Terry Gross. Fresh Air, NPR, April 19, 2017. 

Online Music

Umalali. “Mérua.” Spotify. Accessed April 3, 2022.

Social Media Post

Chicago Manual of Style. “Is the world ready for singular they? We thought so back in 1993.” Facebook, April 17, 2015.

YouTube Video

Nguyen, Huong. “From Saigon to Boston: Huong Nguyen.” Interview by Marilynn Johnson. Global Boston, January 28, 2018. (Video, 1:45-2:50),