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Multimedia Production Guide

for the Digital Design Studio at Tisch Library


Media Gallery

If you need to upload to the Canvas Media Gallery, check out the guides that TTS has put together.

Voice Thread

If you need to share your video on Canvas to Voice Thread for peer review, check out the guides that TTS has put together.

Submitting the Video to Vimeo

One person from each team should be designated to upload his/her group's video. Before you upload, you must create a free, "Basic" account (or use any existing Vimeo account). After entering your email address, Vimeo will give you the option to "continue with Basic" near the top of the screen. Note: You are not expected to create any paid accounts to complete this assignment.

Once you've joined and logged in, paste your class's Vimeo URL address in the web browser to visit the class's Group page. (See box at-left for your particular course's Vimeo address.)

Click "Join This Group," and your membership into the group will auto-accept. You have now joined your class's Vimeo group, which will be a closed forum for you and your classmates to review any videos submitted.

Click the "Upload a video" menu button, and select your video file to upload. Preferably these should be an MP4 filetype. (Note that videos must be under 500MB in size to be accepted.)

Adjust "Basic Info" settings:

  • Title - ask your instructor about any preferred naming structures
  • Description - list the first and last name of each group member
  • Don't forget to click "Save changes"

Adjust "Privacy" settings:

  • Who can see this video?
    • select "People you choose."  However, you don't have to add people by name. When you add this video to the class's "group" in the next step, it will permit all members of your class's group to view it.
  • Leave all the other settings for privacy as they are
  • Don't forget to click "Save changes"

Adjust "Add To" settings:

  • Add to Groups
    • Make sure your course's Vimeo Group name (e.g.,
    • F2012-XXXX) is checked
  • Don't forget to click "Save changes"


Your video will take a few minutes to upload and render a web version of your file. This is completely normal. You may now exit Vimeo.