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Multimedia Production Guide

for the Digital Design Studio at Tisch Library

Media Management Tips

Media Management: Media management encompasses the organization of media assets from recording through archiving.  Below are some best practices for keeping track of files as you work on your project.

Storage: If you have your own computer and editing software you may be able to edit on your personal machine depending on the hardware and storage capabilities of your machine.  If you plan to use public computers in the DDS space, you will need an external hard drive to save project files and assets between machines since saving locally is not allowed.  DDS staff will gladly advise students on the best model to purchase to meet their needs.  

Organizing your media: Staying organized is essential as you collect and create various assets for your project.  Below is an example of how you can stay organized during this process.

Backing-up Media: It’s important to always back-up your media and project files in case your computer crashes or hard drive malfunction.  When backing up media you’ve created on a camera or audio recorder, neverchange the folder structure or naming conventions you find on those devices. Simply drag the contents into a folder that describes what is on the card.  Once you are in an editing application you can rename all the files to make finding media easier.