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Research Guides@Tufts

Conservation Medicine: Papers for the Mac

Accessing Databases with Papers for the Mac

To access Tufts online databases from within Papers for the Mac when you are off-campus:

  1. Install Papers on your computer.
  2. Launch Papers.
  3. In Version 3, select Settings > Access > Library EZproxy >Tufts University
  4. In versions prior to Version 3, select Preferences and in the Proxy Settings box, enter:
  5. To start a search in databases from within Papers, type option-command-L in Papers.
  6. In the resulting screen, enter your Tufts username and password (you need to do this only once per Papers session).

Note: To use Papers with the Scopus Database, you must enter the ID number 14058. More information about the interaction between Scopus and Papers is available here.