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Research Guides@Tufts

Physician Assistants

A toolkit and library course guide for Tufts PAs

Important Databases

Finding Other Databases

There are a wealth of articles databases available. Depending on your topic you might need to search in subject specific areas. Each works according to its own rules. Please us for specific searching information. 

Too look for a database go here. Search by large topic/subject area.

PubMed  -  Clinical Medicine

Web of Science - Cross disciplinary

PsycInfo - Behavioral Medicine

CINAHL - Direct Patient Care

PAIS - Policy


Web of Knowledge

Boolean Logic & Keyword Searching: Only keyword searching is available. Remember to use alternate spellings and synonyms for your concepts.  Fill out the search form. After submitting the search, use the filters on the left to narrow down results.

Database Content: A cross disciplinary (humanities, social sciences, and sciences) database, from 1864 to present.

Useful Tools:

  • Times Cited: Look at other articles that used this article in their bibliography. A forward timeline on the topic.
  • Cited References; See this authors bibliography. A backward timeline of the topic
  • Related Records: Try to find other articels about this same topic.
  • Send the citations you like to RefWorks or Endnote
  • Make a profile to keep searches or keep updated on a topic of choice