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Statistics and Probability as a Discipline: Books and References

Locating Resources in the Library

In most Tufts libraries, print resources are shelved according to the alphanumeric Library of Congress Classification (LCC) System. Sources related to statistics and probability are located throughout the collection, depending on the items' focus.

Key classification areas are:

  • HA1-4737 Statistics [for Social Sciences applications]
  • QA273-280 Probabilities. Mathematical statistics

Print sources addressing statistics and probability in the context of a particular focus or application may be shelved in the latter's classification, e.g. among medical topics for health-related statistics; in technology or management for statistics related to manufacturing production; and in social sciences for census analysis.

In the Tufts and the BLC WorldCat online catalogs, relevant subject headings include:

  • Statistics
  • Probabilities [Use for Probability]
  • Statistics or Probabilities with a sub-heading for document type, e.g. periodicals, handbooks, textbooks, or translations
  • Specific aspects, e.g. error functions or theories
  • Statistics as a sub-heading of other topics, e.g. Biology -- statistics & numerical data or Occupational Exposure -- statistics & numerical data

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