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PBL Research Guide

Point-of-Care Tools

What are point-of-care (POC) tools? 

  • Resources designed for clinicians to quickly look up information when they are with a patient
  • Summaries of evidence-based medicine and/or peer-reviewed sources curated and updated by health professionals
  • Some contain clinical practice guidelines and images

What about UpToDate?

While practitioners often use UpToDate, it doesn’t provide enough context and transparency for medical students. A good foreground question addresses a topic with some controversy—or isn’t established knowledge—that requires a more complete assessment of the available evidence. To eliminate the possibility of bias, information in UpToDate must be corroborated with other resources.


To learn more about these tools and others, see our guide on Point-of-Care Resources

Using POCs Effectively

Note the grading system, e.g.:

  • While not standardized across resources, the internal grading scheme will help determine clinical recommendations


View references to quickly access best evidence, e.g.,: