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Dataverse at Tufts: Home

Guide to using Tufts Dataverse, hosted by Harvard Dataverse.

About Tufts Dataverse

Tufts Dataverse is a place for Tufts researchers to share their research data publicly. Tufts Dataverse is housed within Harvard Dataverse, an open, generalist repository maintained by Harvard University. It is free to use, with a limit of 2.5 GB per individual file. Currently, Tufts Dataverse has a total storage capacity of 1 TB. 

Need help? Contact us!

Contact with any questions about using Tufts Dataverse.

Why use Tufts Dataverse?

Any researchers at Tufts can deposit data in Tufts Dataverse. Some common reasons you might want to deposit your data are: 

  • You have data related to an article and the journal has asked you to share it in a repository 
  • Your thesis or dissertation contains data that you want to make available outside of the text 
  • You are at the end of a grant-funded project and need to share your data to comply with funder requirements 
  • You are teaching a class that includes data and want to share it widely 
  • You want a single place to share all of your data that you can share on your website or research profile 
  • You want researchers to be able to build on your data in the future. 

Tufts Dataverse allows you to self-deposit your data. Datasets are automatically assigned a persistent identifier (DOI), allowing for easy citation, and total downloads are tracked. You can add rich metadata to your datasets, allowing them to be searched and browsed within Dataverse and found through search engines. You can also apply standard licenses or create custom data access terms for your datasets. 

Research groups can request their own Dataverse Collection to showcase the group's datasets in one location. A collection is given a unique URL and can be embedded in a webpage. 

Reach out to to get help depositing a dataset, or to request a Dataverse collection for your lab or research group. 

What data can go in Tufts Dataverse?

Data deposited in Dataverse should be publishable research data. For data that is still in progress or part of an ongoing collaborative project, consider using Open Science Framework

Data of any discipline can be deposited in Tufts Dataverse. However, you may want to consider depositing in a discipline-specific data repository (see our Research Data Management Guide for a brief list, or search the Registry of Research Data Repositories). 

Personally-identifiable information cannot be deposited in Tufts Dataverse, with very few exceptions. See Harvard Dataverse's General Terms of Use. If you have questions about whether your data is identifiable, please reach out to

Create an Account

To create your account with Tufts Dataverse, go to Tufts Dataverse and log in with your Tufts credentials. 

If you are working with a Tufts research group but do not have a Tufts username, you can still create an account with a non-Tufts email, ORCID ID, GitHub, or Google account. However, your account will not be affiliated with Tufts University by default.