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Guide to using Tufts Dataverse, hosted by Harvard Dataverse.

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Sharing your data in the Tufts Dataverse

Research data is an important part of your scholarly output and we want to help you organize, document, and share it with the rest of the world. Tufts now has a place for you to deposit and share your data - Tufts Dataverse ( Our Dataverse is an open data repository supported by specialists in data curation and preservation in the Tufts Libraries and Tufts Technology Services. It is hosted by the Harvard Dataverse Network (you can see more about it here:

Any researchers at Tufts can deposit data in the Tufts Dataverse. Some common reasons you might want to deposit your data are:
  • You have data related to an article and the journal has asked you to share it in a repository
  • Your thesis or dissertation contains data that you want to make available outside of the text
  • You are at the end of a grant-funded project and need to share your data to comply with funder requirements
  • You are teaching a class that includes data and want to share it widely
  • You want a single place to share all of your data that you can share on your website or research profile
  • You want researchers to be able to build on your data in the future.
You can self deposit in the Tufts Dataverse or you can contact Dataverse support specialists. Email for more information.

Getting a Dataverse for your group

One of the features of the Harvard Dataverse software is that it allows for the creation of sub-Dataverses. You can request a sub-Dataverse within the Tufts Dataverse for an ongoing project, research group, or lab. A sub-Dataverse allows you to create a space for your group that you manage where you can share data from multiple different projects. You can embed or link to your sub-Dataverse on your website. These sub-Dataverses can have different permissions assigned to them so that they can be managed by your research group. You can customize the way the page looks and include branding like a logo and a description of your lab, project, or research group. 
Staff from the Library will help you set up your Dataverse to make the process as smooth as possible. Please email for a consultation.