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Human Factors

Tips for getting started

Because Human Factors draws on a number of disciplines, relevant scholarly articles and conference proceedings can be found in either general databases/indexes that cross disciplines, or in ones specific to the area of interest. So for human factors in computers, use computer science databases; for human factors in medical devices, use medical databases, etc..

Some useful general and discipline-specific databases/indexes are listed in the box below. To learn more about resources in a discipline, look for a library guide for that discipline: ​​​

Finding scholarly articles and conference proceedings

Learn about scholarly writing and publishing in STEM

Research papers in STEM follow specific formats, and are produced, edited, and peer-reviewed using specific procedures. Whether you are writing and submitting papers yourself, or simply searching for and reading them, understanding these formats and procedures is important. A good way to learn about the process of creating research papers is by taking this online class from Nature Masterclasses.