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Public Opinion and Polling: Home

Polling data, surveys, and reports


European Union: Public Opinion Analysis (1973- )

Polling the Nations (1986- )

Complilation of surveys from the United States and more than 80 countries.

Index to International Public Opinion (1978-1999)

Similar in scope to Gallup Poll, but with an international focus.

United States


Gallup Analytics (1935- )

Gallup polling results plus in-depth survey analyses.

ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research)

Largest digital social science data archive in the world. Contains public opinion data including US election exit polls. Data files are raw data and not in report format, and are used with software such as SAS, SPSS and Stata.

Roper Center for Public Opinion

Public Opinion Research Archive

Vital Statistics on American Politics

Congressional Quarterly. Downloadable decades of data on policy issues.


American public opinion index (1981-2000)

Contains public opinion surveys and polls at local, state and national levels. Includes polls by ABC, NBC, CBS, Roper, Gallup and Harris. Published annually.

Gallup Poll (1978-2007)

Published annually.

Gallup Poll; Public Opinion, 1972-1977

Measures public response to major historical news events.

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