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Research Guides@Tufts

Engineer's Guide to the Library

A guide to finding information and using the library from an engineering perspective.


This guide gives tips on how engineers can use the library to find the information they need.

It includes an overview of the types of information available through the library (and elsewhere), with suggestions on how to find specialized resources such as standards, patents, and data. It gives a method for finding articles and other resources on a specific topic, and tells how to go from a citation of an article or other resource (either from reference or a database) to get the actual article/resource.

This is not the only research guide on engineering topics. While this guide covers methods for using the library, guides for specific fields of engineering (see links below) provide information on appropriate databases, journals, books, and other resources for that field.

Engineering Research Guides

Tisch Library Undergraduate Research Award

If you are an undergraduate at Tufts and are using the library's collections and services for a project, such as writing a paper for a class or designing a product, consider submitting the project for a Tisch Library Undergraduate Research Award (TURA). You may receive a cash prize, as well as recognition for your achievement.

Find details about the annual award, including requirements and deadlines, on the TURA page. The deadline for submitting work done during a calendar year, during the spring, summer, or fall semester, is generally sometime in the spring semester of the following year.