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FMS45: Media Literacy Podcast Project

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This guide was made to help students in the Media Literacy course through the process of creating their podcast assignment.

The goals for this podcast are:

  • To highlight a woman or non-binary person in media in a way that hasn’t been previously done
  • To use the potential reach of a podcast to shed light on how media have historically stereotyped women and nonbinary people
  • To figure out who the audience of your podcast would be and how best to reach them with the product you produce
  • To use the power of sound to entertain and to inform

The purposes of this assignment are:

  • To identify “found” audio materials and use them thoughtfully and creatively
  • To learn how audio editing can alter the meanings of media messages
  • To work collaboratively in a group

The tasks for this assignment are:

  • To identify relevant materials for your podcast
  • To develop a production schedule
  • To create your podcast
  • To write a reflection paper on the experience

Suggested timetable for podcast

March 3: Assignment given

Week of 3/6: initial meeting with group

Week of 3/13: collect all audio materials, conduct any interviews, put on group Box; meet with group to storyboard materials

March 17: spend half of class time in Digital Design Studio editing

Week of 3/27: rough cut of podcast

Between 3/27-3/30: meet with group to make final edits

March 31: podcast due; podcast reflection due on Canvas

April 7: podcast listening in class