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About Government Publications at Tufts University

Tisch Library at Tufts University was designated a Federal Depository Library on December 20, 1899. It is the depository library for the 5th Congressional District of Massachusetts. The Government Printing Office (GPO), through the Federal Depository Library Program, distributes publications issued by hundreds of departments and agencies throughout the three branches of the Federal Government. Tufts is a selective depository and currently selects about 30% of available publications in print and electronic form. The Boston Public Library is the regional depository library for the state of Massachusetts and has a comprehensive collection. It is also possible to purchase government publications through the U.S. GPO Online Bookstore.

Public Access - Guaranteed

In-library access to government information is guaranteed by the U.S. law governing the Federal Depository Library Program. People of the general public are encouraged to use this vast and important resource of government information.

Most of the government documents are located in compact shelving on Level 1, downstairs, and are classified according to the Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) classification system. This collection has not been cataloged and the records do not appear in JumboSearch. Specialized indexes, to identify and access government documents, are available electronically. Consult the other webpages in this section for finding government information. We receive records for electronic publications which are in the Jumbosearch.

Government publications can be a treasure trove of information, covering all different disciplines in the arts and humanities, social sciences, and all the sciences. You can find publications from the Smithsonian Institution and the Department of Defense to the Department of Agriculture and Education. Here is an overview of the types of publications you can find in our collection.

Presidential papers

Statistical information

Budget of the United States Government

Congressional hearings and reports

Census publications

Bills and laws

Department of Defense information

U.S. Supreme Court cases

Selected government publications are shelved with books and periodicals throughout the Tufts Libraries. These holdings do appear in JumboSearch. Some of the more popular publications, such as the census, Budget, and other statistical sources, are available online via this guide. Most of the documents may be checked out, to Tufts users, at the circulation desk (617-627-3347).


If you need assistance in locating and retrieving information or need in-depth research help, contact Ari Gofman, Coordinator of Government Information. 

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