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Government Publications: United States: CRS Reports

About CRS Reports

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports are a valuable resource for anyone wanting a non-partisan, objective and accurate view of something related to the government.  The reports are written by research specialists at CRS for Congressmen who need an overview of petinent topics in the world, center around topics relevant to current legislation

CRC is the public policy arm of the Library of Congress, it was formed in 1914 to provide timely, objective research on legislative issues.

There are six interdisciplinary research divisions

  • American Law
  • Domestic Social Policy
  •  Foreign Affairs Defense and Trade
  • Government and Finance
  • Information Research
  • Resources, Science and Industry

They are not a part of the depository program, meaning we don't get them regularly.  Although we do now get them as part of LexisNexis Congressional from 2004 on.  Be sure to click on the advaced search tab to search them individually.


CRS Reports

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Selected Reports

Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service. Bibliography and indexes.  Guide: Reference JK 1108 .M252 1976-1988; Index: Ref JK1108 .M252 1988 on.

Each year an index is published with the microfilm supplement. The index is by titles, report numbers and subjects and names.  Each bibliographic entry provides title, date, document number and a brief descriptive abstract.  The microfilm reel and frame number where the document is located within the companion microfilm is in each bibliograhic entry and also in the indexes.  Consult the User Instructions in the front of each index for more detailed descriptions of its use.

The MICROFILM Call number/draw number is Micro.R241