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Due to the condition of the volumes, readers are strongly encouraged to make use of the digital surrogates. These facsimiles, made from Tisch Library's copy, are available freely to read and download, in multiple formats, in the Internet Archive.

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Teatro Olimpico

Palazzo del Conte Orazio Porto, Vicenza

About the Text

From the bookseller's catalog:

Palladio, Andrea and Ottavio Bertotti Scamozzi. I-IV. Le Fabbriche e i Desegni di Andrea Palladio e le terme. V. Le Terme dei Romani Disegnate da Andrea Palladio. 5 vols., 132, 88, 72, 92, 23 pp. Classic text being perhaps the first critical examination of Palladio's work, written to expose the architect's buildings to a wider audience as it included not only discussions of completed projects, but also reconstructions of damaged or unrealized works. Scamozzi also discusses Palladio's design principles as recorded in the latter's I Quattro Libri.

Notes, text illustrations, 234 exquisitely engraved plates (many fold-out) showing front elevations, cross-sections, and floor plans. Tall folio, 1/2 leather and boards, raised spines. Genova/Milano/Torino (Giovanni Decamilli/Angelo Monti/Tipografia Fontana) 1843-1849.

Originally this work was meant to be accompanied by English and French translations, which never were written. Bertotti Scamozzi was an Italian architect whose work was heavily influenced by the Palladian revival.