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Tisch Library Special Collections

Faculty & Museum Collaborations

Tisch Special Collections supports Professor Ioannis Evrigenis, Department of Political Science, who is editing a digital variorum edition of Jean Bodin’s Les six livres de la republique. We have acquired several landmark editions of Bodin's work, and other of his books, for classroom instruction, digitization, and editing the new edition. Out of this collaboration with Professor Evrigenis came a new course focused on rare books and scholarly publishing, PS 8: Plato's Legacy, in Spring 2020.

Special Collections has a longstanding relationship with the Department of Classics, for whom our holdings are integral to instruction in Medieval Latin, especially through use of the Perseids Platform for editing and study of ancient texts in a digital environment.

Tisch Library's rare books travel to our partners at the Tufts University Art Galleries! We have participated in the exhibitions such as Bookworks,  Directed Looking Gallery (co-curated by Special Collections student assistant Mary G. Travers '18), and Global Flows.

Three codices from Special Collections were featured in the monumental exhibition of pre-modern manuscripts, Beyond Words: Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections.

Tufts University MS 2 at the Tufts Gallery