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Boston to Mound Bayou: Columbia Point & Delta Health Center

About Tufts DCA

Located on the Medford/Somerville campus of Tufts, the Tufts Digital Collections and Archives (DCA), "supports the teaching and research mission of Tufts University by ensuring the enduring preservation and accessibility of the university’s permanently valuable records and collections."

Below are links to records within DCA's Digital Library that regard Columbia Point and the Delta Health Center, Inc..


Tufts Comprehensive Community Health Action Program 

This link  launches a search in the Tufts Digital Collections & Archives database that retrieves "information dealing with the TCCHAP (the Tufts Comprehensive Community Health Action Program). This collection contains information of various committees, family support groups and activities, financing, various projects, budget, childcare, information about the Columbia Point Outreach Center and the outreach center in Mound Bayou."

Other Materials