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Boston to Mound Bayou: Columbia Point & Delta Health Center

H. Jack Geiger, M.D. (1926-)

H. Jack Geiger, M.D. (1926-)

"Dr. Jack Geiger has devoted most of his professional career to the health problems of the poor. He is responsible for initiating the community health center model in the country, combining primary care and community-based public health interventions, and leading the development of a national health center network to serve low-income patients." [1]

Dr. Geiger founded and directed "the nation's first two community health centers, in the Mississipi Delta and in Columbia Point, Boston. These centers became models for what is now a national network of more than 1000 CHCs serving some 17 million low-income and minority patients." [2]

Learn more about Dr. Geiger in Century of Excellence and at the Physicians for Human Rights website.


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[2] Physicians for Human Rights. H. Jack Geiger, MD, M Sci Hyg. Available at: Accessed: March 13, 2014.

Image credit:  Tufts University

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