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Evidence-Based Dentistry (EBD)


These are Frequently Asked Questions regarding the 3rd year EBD portion of the BaSiCSsss presentation.​

  • How many PICO's should I do?
    • Just one! The point is for you to take one PICO through the whole EBD process really thoroughly.
  • How many articles do I need?
    • Minimum of 2, maximum of 4.
  • What's Box?
    • All teams should be keeping track of their work on an assigned Box folder. Box is like Google Docs but very importantly Box is HIPAA compliant whereas Google Docs is not. It is an ethical violation to put real patient information in Google Docs. You must use Box.
  • My presentation isn't done yet! Faculty will see it if I put it in Box.
    • You're required to post a rough draft of your presentation one week before the actual presentation date.
    • It's best for faculty to review the presentation with the students in advance. In groups where this isn't standard operating procedure, you should feel free to approach the group leader for a consultation.
  • How much time will this take?
    • That really depends upon the difficulty of your question and the level of your own abilities. We strongly recommend leaving yourself at least 2 weeks to complete your work. Your 4th year might not realize this much time is best practice. Advocate for it in your first team meeting because you cannot start work until your 4th year gives you the patient.
  • What's inclusion and exclusion criteria?
    • Inclusion
      • ​Predefined characteristics used to identify subjects that are essential for their selection to participate. Should respond to the scientific objective of the study.
      • An initial way to identify these is to consider what, when looking through your search results, makes you say to yourself, "Yes, I want to look at that more closely."
    • Exclusion
      • Set of predefined definitions that is used to identify subjects who will not be included or who will have to withdraw from a research study after being included. Guided by the scientific objective of the study.​
      • An initial way to identify these is to consider what, when looking through your search results, makes you say to yourself, "No, I don't want to look at that more closely."
  • What's threshold of evidence?
    • The highest level of evidence among the articles you've selected for presentation.
  • How do I include a citation of my article?
    • You can copy/paste or take a screenshot of the citation information on PubMed's full record for the article:
      Screenshot of a full citation for an article.
    • You can also provide the citation in JADA format yourself:
      Long H, Zhou Y, Liao L, Pyakurel U, Wang Y, Lai W. Coronectomy vs. total removal for third molar extraction: a systematic review. J Dent Res. 2012;91(7):659-665. doi:10.1177/0022034512449346.
      • We recommend using the citation management software Zotero for a speedy (and free!) way to do this.
  • ​​What's MeSH and how do I identify it in my search strategy?
    • If you're unclear on what MeSH is, we strongly recommend you see a librarian.
      • If you purposefully used MeSH, your search history will say [Mesh] after the word(s) that is a MeSH term.
        • In this case, your search history will automatically show what MeSH you used.
      • If you did not purposefully use MeSH, you can see what MeSH PubMed automatically mapped to by looking at the Search Details Box. 
        • In this case, you will need to know what MeSH was automatically mapped to and identify it yourself.
  • ​​How do I document my literature search?
  • What I found in the EBD search doesn't agree with what was actually done in clinic!
    • That's ok! You just need to provide thoughtful reflection on the treatment rendered, taking into consideration the evidence you've found. Remember in the real world you wouldn't be conducting the search after the treatment is rendered, so these are special circumstances.
  • I need help with my search!
    • Schedule an appointment with your assigned librarian virtually by visiting this site then finding your team name then clicking on the librarian's name then "Schedule Appointment."
      • Do this if you can because your assigned librarian has access to your Box folder and can easily see all of your patient information and team work so far.
    • Drop in and see the librarian on call Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.

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