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Health Sciences Writing Consultants



June appointments through 6/9 are now available!

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About Us

Free writing assistance is available to all current health sciences students at Tufts’ downtown campus. Health Sciences Writing Consultants support projects such as research papers, clinical articles, personal statements, theses, doctoral dissertations, conference papers, proposals, posters, and abstracts. 

Writing coaching is a collaborative process, and we believe that every writer needs a discerning reader. Our coaches are available to sit down with you and help you plan, organize, draft and fine tune your papers, and help you improve your writing skills in the process. Whether you need to clarify your ideas, interpret the assignment, structure your thoughts, connect your paragraphs, or test your success at communicating complex information, the writing consultants can help.

No matter what your background or skill level, we are here to act as friendly, non-judgmental readers and listeners who can help you write with greater clarity and with greater ease.

Because of our teaching mission, we need you to participate fully in the session. Please bring a paper copy of your draft, along with your assignment sheet if you have one. Come prepared to take notes, ask questions, talk through ideas, and solve problems. We cannot "fix" a piece of writing for you, nor can we offer proofreading or line editing services.