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Museum Studies (General)

Research Guide for both the Graduate and Certificate Programs

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Want to discover the books that Tisch Library has on your topic?  Search by keyword, subject, or author/creator in JumboSearch, which simultaneously searches across all of the library's resources, including both print and eBooks. After you've entered your search terms, use the resource type limiter on the left side of the page to select Books.

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Books Beyond Tufts

To locate books in other libraries when we either don't own them or our copy is checked out, use BLC WorldCat. Once you've found the book you want, use the BLC request form or ILLiad to request the book be delivered to Tisch.  The book will be delivered to the Tisch Library circulation desk, within 2 to 5 days, and you will be notified via email on its arrival. There is no charge for this service.

BLC WorldCat

Search Tips

You can search for books about museums in the library catalog in several ways: 

Keyword searching

1. Use your own words to describe your topic:

  • Museums and history (note that while this search will result in books about the history of museums it will also retrieve books about history museums.)
  • Museums and audiences
  • Technology and museums

2. Consider other words and phrases that express similar ideas. For the idea of museums, you could also use galleries, collections, archives, etc. The idea of audience can also be expressed with patrons, visitors, social aspects, etc.

3. To use more than one synonym at a time, group them together within parentheses:

  • Museums and (audiences or patrons or visitors) and social aspects

4. Use an asterisk (*) to account for variant word endings. For example, a search for visit* will return records for books that include visit, visitor, visiting, etc. Use the asterisk wisely: a search for art* will return records for books that include artesian, artery, artisitic, etc.

Subject searching

Using Library of Congress subject headings, if you know them, is another method to search for a particular subject. Some examples of subject searches are:

  • Museum visitors
  • Museums -- educational aspects
  • Museums -- social aspects
  • Science museums


Most books on museums can be found in the AM call number range on Level 1. Some, however, which emphasize a particular aspect of museums, will be found elsewhere. For example most of our books about historical museums will be found in the E call number range, along with the majority of the history books. Likewise, most of the books about zoos will be found in the Vet School library. 

Books from the Library Catalog

Tisch Library has a wide array of books relevant to museum studies in its collection. Below is a sample of some of the resources that you can find but remember, this is only a sample, so use JumboSearch to find more or Ask a Librarian for help!