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Scholarly Publishing

Make your work widely available in the Tufts Digital Library

Many publishers now allow authors to deposit a pre-print version or the accepted (post peer-review) version of their article into institutional repositories. This increases impact and visibility, as it allows all readers to access the article regardless of their access to subscription resources.

Tufts faculty, researchers, students and staff can deposit scholarship into the Tufts Digital Library (TDL) in order to make it more widely available and to preserve it in context with other Tufts scholarship. Find out more about contributing articles and other scholarship.

Share your research data

Federal mandates require researchers to share their data and placing it in a repository will ensure that it is publicly accessible. Below is a list of major research data repositories.

Repositories by Subject

Not comprehensive, a selection of major subject-specific data repositories:

General Repositories

  • Harvard Dataverse, accepts research data from all disciplines
  • Figshare, welcomes all types of research outputs from any discipline


Social Sciences

  • Open ICPSR, for social sciences and behavioral health research data

Tufts-Specific Repository

Browse for More Repositories

Not sure where your data should go? Use these resources to browse by discipline and find a data repository that's right for you:


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