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Student Publications at Tufts

Tufts Digital Library

Tufts Digital Collections and Archives (DCA) actively collects student publications for inclusion in the University Archives. DCA accepts publications in both analog and digital forms. Digital publications can often be made publically available in the Tufts Digital Library, depending on releases with authors, photographers, and other student contributors and on agreements reached between DCA and the publication editors.

Submitting publications to DCA ensures that they are preserved and available for current and future students, faculty, and other researchers. For information on submitting publications to Digital Collections and Archives please visit the DCA website or get in touch at

Making supplementary material available

If you have data or supplemental material, you can get tips about licensing and possible repositories on the following Research Guide.

Prevent link rot in your citations! is a service that creates an archived copy of a webpage and generates a permanent URL for the page. This ensures that if you later cite or refer to that page, there is a copy available that shows the information on the page exactly as you viewed it. Even if the page later changes or disappears entirely, your version archived with will remain.

Authors or publishers may choose to include Perma links with webpages cited in their works, ensuring that future readers can access them. The Chicago Manual of Style, for example, recommends using as a way to "Preserve a Permanent Record".

Tufts is a partner, which allows our users to create unlimited links for non-commercial scholarly and research purposes. Links must be freely available on the Internet to the general public and be cited in a legal work or work of scholarship. Find out more in the user guide.

Groups such as labs, research groups, or university publications can request an account for their group within the larger Tufts account, and individual authors/researchers can request to be added as affiliated users of the Tufts account. To set up an account to use, or for any questions, contact Andrea Schuler.