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ORCID is a unique, persistent digital identifier for authors that helps link together all of your scholarly works and distinguish your work from other authors with similar names. Use ORCID on article submissions, grant applications, data sets, and other research objects to link your work to your unique ORCID profile. Find out more and sign up for an ID.

Author's rights

When you publish your work in a journal, newspaper, book, or other publication, it's important to be aware of your rights to your work. Commercial publishers will typically require you to sign or click through an author’s agreement before publishing. This contract will spell out what rights you retain as an author, and what rights the publisher reserves from your work.

When publishing at Tufts, you may not have a contract to sign, but will still want to find out the answers to some questions:

  • Do you keep copyright to your work?
  • Can you share copies of the published work with others, post it on your website, or put a copy in the Tufts Digital Library, on a pre-print server, or another scholarly sharing site?
  • Can you reuse content published in the work? (check especially to see if you can use it in your thesis!)

Why is this important? Because if an author’s agreement grants all rights to the publisher, you’ll have to ask permission to use or share your own work in the future. Look for agreements where you retain copyright, open access options, or non-exclusive licenses that grant a publisher some rights to make your work available, but also allow you to retain rights to use and distribute your work. Read more about author’s rights.

Finding openly-licensed material to use

An increasing amount of openly-available text and media can be found online. By using material that is in the public domain (no longer under copyright), or that has a license (like Creative Commons) assigned to it that allows it to be freely used, you can use others' images, text, and figures in your own published work without having to seek permission first. Make sure to always check the copyright status and license terms of an object, and always cite your source!

Find images, audio & video to use:

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