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Image #1342 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Public Health Image Library

 "Mrs. Einslow's Soothing Syrup."  Image # 360, Shields Trade Card Collection, Miami University Libraries - Digital Library Program.


"Poppy field in Doncaster" is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0. It is attributed to Doug Belshaw and the original is available here:

Use this for of CC credit line when anyone viewing can click the hyperlinks:

Poppy field in Doncaster by Doug Belshaw  is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Image Attribution

Here is an image reuse tool to help you know what to do.

When reusing images, it is important to provide proper attribution, including: 

  • Image w/original caption and credit information
  • Chapter title
  • Author(s) of book, Title of Book, no. in series (if applicable), pages for chapter/section.
  • Copyright © Year by publisher (or imprint of publisher)

For Example:

Figure 1.  These engines should have, but couldn’t quite would have.

Chapter 12:  Engines
McAuthor, John D., Microbiology and the automobile, 390-412 
Copyright © 2016 by MadeUp Publisher, an imprint of Fake Images Inc.

Public Domain and Creative Commons

Public domain is not owned by anyone

You can use, publish, change, etc.

Attribution is not required by you should do it anyway

Materials published by the U.S. prior to 1923 are in the Public Domain

      Government Publications are in the Public Domain

 Creative Commons is a type of Copyright that simplifies sharing and reuse

There are six types of CC licenses

You  must attribute CC materials, and some hold greater restrictions

Creative Commons Licenses in a Nutshell

Attribution is Required for All

Use, Share, distribute, build upon, use commercially

  SA =Share Alike

Must share anything you make under the same license

  NC SA = Noncommercial, Share alike

Must share anything you make under the same license, cannot use commercially

  NC = Non-Commercial

You cannot use commercially (cannot make $$)

 ND = No Derivatives

Must keep licensed item whole and unchanged

  NC ND = Non-Commercial, No Derivatives

Must keep licensed item unchanged & whole, cannot use commercially

More info at: