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Research Guides@Tufts

Bloomberg: Company/Industry Valuation

Quick Tip

You can pull the data from most graphs in Bloomberg by right clicking on the graph and selecting Copy Data to Clipboard.  Then paste the data into an Excel worksheet.  You can also select Copy Image to Clipboard to paste the image into a PowerPoint, Word, PDF document.

Additional Resources for Company, Industry & Economic Research at Fletcher

Company Valuation

DES <GO>: Description (DES) gives a basic overview of a company.

CF <GO>: Company filings.

CN <GO>: Company News.

FA <GO>: Financial analysis provides financial history of companies and indices including current and historical income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, ratio analysis and more.  Easily downloadable into Excel - Output to Excel - make sure you have the Excel Add-in downloaded.  The data will download as Bloomberg formulas which will automatically update when viewed on the Bloomberg terminal.  To take the data to another machine, copy and paste special the values in another worksheet or Excel workbook.

RV <GO>: Relative analysis provides peer group relative value analysis.  Compare your company to competitors using Bloomberg's peer list, GICS industry or sub-industry lists, or create your own unique peer list.

SPLC <GO>: Supply Chain Analysis provides suppliers, customers, and competitors for companies.

EE <GO>:  Earnings estimates gives a snapshot of aggregated broker earnings projections.

ANRP <GO>: Analyst rankings.

ANR <GO>: Analyst recommendations to analyze recs and monitor changes in opinions for companies.

BRC <GO>: Contributed research brings up analyst reports for the company. Tufts does not subscribe to many of the top tier analyst houses but we do have access to several with a short delay.  Look for longer reports (10+ pages) for meaty coverage - initiating coverate reports are especially good because it is the first time an analyst or brokerage house is covering the compay or the industry.  Most are downloadable into PDF.  Use

RES <GO>: to search for analyst reports by company or industry. 

HP <GO> and GP <GO>: provides historical stock price information in table and graph formats.

BICO <Go>: In depth company analysis report.

Industry Valuation

BI <GO>: Bloomberg Intelligence provides key industry data, interactive charting and written analysis by Bloomberg industry experts.  Also provides industry fundamental statistics, market share, ESG and other metrics across industries: i.e. retailers, airlines, global auto manufacturing, etc.

IFS <GO>: Industry fundatmental statistics provides industry specific metrics across certain industies: US retailers, US airlines and global auto manufacuturers.

RES <GO>: Research search engine allows searching by industry, region, company ticker, and more for available analyst reports.

RV <GO>: Market Relative Value provides broad comparison of relative value and performance indices.

EE <GO>: Earnings Analysis provides data by sector/industry and analysis for EPS, net income and sales.

BI BESGG <GO>: ESG indicators industry analysis dashboard.