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Research Guides@Tufts

Systematic Reviews

An introduction to the requirements, search strategies and resources needed to conduct the literature review portion of a Systematic Review

Search Reminders

Some things to keep in mind when formulating your search:

  • Does the database use a controlled vocabulary or is it all keywords?
  • Use both controlled vocabulary and keywords in your search
  • What are your inclusion/exclusion criteria? (Make a list)
  • Make a list of all the ways to express your concepts
  • Group like concepts together with the command OR
  • When using keywords think about truncation; plurals; abbreviations; and alternate spellings

Core Databases

Specialized Databases

The library subscribes to hundreds of databases covering a wide variety of topics. If we do not have access to a resource recommended in the Cochrane Handbook, we likely have others that will provide similar coverage. The best way to identify additional databases is to speak with a librarian.

Biology & Pharmacology

Health Promotion

International Health

Nursing and Allied Health

Social and Community Health and Welfare

Social Science, Education, Psychology and Psychiatry

Research Registers

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