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Animals and Public Policy: Home

General resources for students in the MS-APP program.

MS APP Program

In the Master of Science in Animal and Public Policy program, students will

  • examine the changing roles of animals in society and the dynamic relationship between animals and people.
  • learn how to evaluate research and policy arguments.
  • polish communication skills needed to implement and advocate for effective policy.
  • pursue individual interests through electives, externships, and research projects.
  • choose between a “research track” and an “applied track.”

Review Articles

The pet factor--companion animals as a conduit for getting to know people, friendship formation and social support.
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Domestic Dogs as Facilitators in Social Interaction: An Evaluation of Helping and Courtship Behaviors.
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Breeding dogs for beauty and behaviour: Why scientists need to do more to develop valid and reliable behaviour assessments for dogs kept as companions.
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Surrendering pets to shelters: the relinquisher's perspective.
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