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Animals and Public Policy: ProQuest

General resources for students in the MS-APP program.


Log in to ProQuest.

  • Provides scholarly materials in the social sciences and science.
  • Allows simultaneous searching of several databases.
  • Includes recommended web sites.
  • List of databases included


    • * replaces zero or more characters within or at the end of a word.
    • ? replaces a single character. Use multiple question marks to replace specified number of characters, e.g., psych????y will find psychiatry or psychology but not psychometrically.


    • before and after
      •  terms must be in the order typed with no words between them.
    • near
      • terms must be within 10 words of each other.
    • within #
      • terms may be in any order with no more than # words between them.


    Varies depending on database. Generally language, document type, and date.


    Save up to 20 search strategies for 6 months.

    1. Select Alert Me.
    2. Log in or register if it is your first time using this function.
    3. Customize as you wish.
    4. Save the changes.

    Full Text/Document Delivery

    Much full text available. To find sources that aren’t full-text, select Find it@Tufts.