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Database Searching Tips: LexisNexis


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Sections include Academic (news, countries, people, business, law), Statistical, History, Congress, Primary sources, Datasets.


  • * replaces one character within a word. Use multiple * to replace specified number of characters, e.g., psych****y will find either psychiatry or psychology.
  • ! replaces one or more characters at the end of a word, e.g. acqui! would return results such as acquires, acquired, acquiring, and acquisition.


  • w/s terms must be in same sentence, e.g., frogs w/s deformed.
  • w/p terms must be in same paragraph.
  • w/# (where # is a number) terms must be within # words of each other in any order.


Varies depending on database. Generally:

  • date of publication
  • publication type
  • availability of full text
  • source title


Not available

Full Text/Document Delivery

Much full text available. To find sources that aren’t full-text, consult a librarian.