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Database Searching Tips: Google Scholar


Google Scholar is Google's attempt to index the scholarly web, including journals, websites, patent filings, and federal legal cases.

  • Especially strong in the sciences and social sciences
  • Very good for multi-disciplinary research
  • Excludes smaller publishers, important in the humanities
  • Works seamlessly on campus, somewhat more challenging off campus


    • * replaces zero or more characters within a word
    • + requires that word be included in results
    • - requires that word be excluded
    • .. between two numbers searches for the range between them: camera $ 50..100
    • other Google advanced search options apply too


    Similar to Google Advanced Search options. Select Advanced Search from the settings menu.


    Save searches and get email updates based on periodic Google Scholar searches.

    1. Select Alerts.
    2. Log in or register if it is your first time using this function.
    3. Add a search or searches you'd like updated.
    4. Save the changes.


      Full Text/Document Delivery

      Much full text available. To find sources that aren’t full-text or that ask for a login, select Find it@Tufts on the Google Scholar screen or search for the article using Jumbosearch.