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Style Guides for the Biomedical Sciences

Established rules and conventions for formatting a scientific manuscript can be defined by: an organization, such as the American Medical Association; publisher, such as the University of Chicago Press; or journal, such as Nature.  When preparing a manuscript or grant proposal, always read the instructions carefully.  The following style guides are commonly used when preparing biomedical manuscripts, and provide instruction on everything from how numbers should appear and preparing graphs and tables to formatting citations and bibliographies.

Citation Managers

Citation managers are software tools that allow you to:

  • Create and maintain an organized database of references
  • Attach PDFs and other files to references
  • Insert formatted citations and bibliographies into documents
  • Share your references with others

Hirsh Health Sciences Library supports and provides training for EndNote and Zotero.  The links below will direct you to guides with information on how to obtain and use these programs.

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