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Laboratory Animal Medicine: Journals & Books & Videos

Resources for students in the Cummings School MS Laboratory Animal Medicine program and people submitting IACUC proposals.


Henry Stewart Talks - Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection: Animal Models in Biomedical Research Series

A series of eight animated audio visual presentations with synchronized narration, in a streaming video format.

Basic principles of animal models

  • The moral status of invasive animal research (32 mins)
    Prof. Bernard E. Rollin  –  Colorado State University, USA
  • Legal aspects of using animals for research in the U.S. (35 mins)
    Dr. B. Taylor Bennet – Management Consultant, USA
  • Modern production of laboratory animals (48 mins)
    Dr. Martin Toft – Adlast, DK

Modern techniques for the creation of animal models

  • Creating animal models by genetic techniques (51 mins)
    Mr. Emmanuel Gomas – Transgenic TechnologiesTraining and Consulting, 3TC, FR
  • Surgical models and perioperative care in swine (48 mins)
    Prof. M. Michael Swindle – Medical University of South Carolina, USA
    Prof. Mary Ann McCrackin – Medical University of South Carolina, USA
  • Improving and humanizing animal models by microbiomic techniques (42 mins)
    Prof. Axel Kornerup Hansen – University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Specific animal models

  • Behavioral phenotyping of mouse models of neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders (51 mins)
    Prof. Jacqueline N. Crawley – University of California, USA
  • Development of immunotherapies for type 1 diabetes. Value and limitations of mouse models. (40 mins)
    Prof. Matthias von Herrath – Novo Nordisk Ltd, USA