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Museum Studies

Guide for research for both the Graduate and Certificate Programs

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Find Out Where Journals Are Indexed

Searching for Museum Studies Related Research

Museum Studies is a very cross disciplinary field. You will need to look in different subject databases depending upon the subfield you are researching: history, art history, education. Below is a selection of subject databases. You may also want to consult the research guide for the field for more suggestions, see the first column for these.

Finding Academic Journals Articles

You may have to search more than one subject database to find what you are looking for. Some databases are in the same family of databases, such as ProQuest and you can often search more than one at a time. Many academic museum journals are scattered through many different databases; be patient! See the list below for specific titles. Use Ulrichsweb (see side box) to find out which database you will find them indexed in.

Search Databases to Find Articles: Newspapers

Historical Newspapers

Finding Popular Magazines Articles

Browse & Search Individual Journals to Find Articles

This is a selected list of journals. 

Titles with *** are considered scholarly

Search Tips

Not happy with your search results?

Increase your results. If your search is of a narrowly focused nature as to return only a few results, eliminate one of the less-important concepts.

  • This search returns very few results: childrens museums and programs and financial development and technological advances. Try eliminating technological advances.
  • Use synonyms. In the example above, you may retrieve more results by typing (financial development or economic development). Your entire search would look like this: childrens museums and programs and (financial development or economic development) and technological advances.
  • Use an asterisk to retrieve alternate word endings. galler* will return gallery, galleries, etc.

Reduce your results.

  • museums is too broad a search in databases. Try adding a population, an time frame or an outcome. Any combination of those aspects will increase the relevance and amount of your results.

Use database limits.

  • ERIC: Scrolling down the main search page you'll see a long list of limits. Note that you can limit by a specific journal title, age groups and other factors.

Finding the Full-Text of an Article

Q: How do I get my hands on the content of the article?

A: If you are in a database, check to see if there is full text link or a PDF icon. If neither exists, select Find It @ Tufts.
A: If you are not in a database, search the Tufts catalog by journal title. The catalog search will result in one of the following:

  • electronic access --> click on the journal title link
  • print access --> check the dates of our subscription to assure we have what you need
  • no match --> search the ejournals list
  • no match in the ejournals list --> request the article you need via Interlibrary loan. Most requests are filled within three days and are delivered to you electronically, free of charge.

Help with Research

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