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Zines by Subject: Home

How to use this guide

The intent of this page is to quickly help you discover zines based on subject terms on the spot!   

The HOME page (where you’re currently at) has a list of subject terms with most subject terms having a definition to add clarity.  

Once you find a subject you want to explore, click on the link. The link will take you to a separate page where you'll see a box with a list of zines tagged under that subject term.

Each zine is linked to its JumboSearch record, so you can grab the call number and find the zine.   

A few tips before using the page:   

  • If you click on More under each definition, it’ll show the source of the definition   

  • If you wanted to browse all the subject terms at once, click on the second tab Zines by Subject  

Over the course of a year, through many discussions and considerations based on patrons’ interests, the SMFA Library created this basic subject term list for the zine collection. The list is not meant to exclude or isolate marginalized groups or social movements, but to highlight them for browsing and borrowing purposes. This research guide is meant to act as a finding aid. As our collection grows, we anticipate this list will grow with it. 

If you feel like there should be another term added, a definition updated, or you find yourself asking questions about the list, don’t hesitate emailing, Carrie Salazar:, with suggestions or to set up a meeting to learn more about the process.  

Under construction

This page will forever be under construction since we are always collecting zines. If you don’t see a zine on the list, it’ll eventually be added, promise!  

Zine terms