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How can I get help with Stata?

How can I get my data into Stata?

When I try to open a dataset I get the error message "file _ not found r(601);" - What does this mean?/   How do I set my working directory?

What is a Do File? Why should I use one?

How do I convert SPSS/SAS files to Stata?

Describing Data

How can I get descriptive statistics of my data?

Changing the Data

How do I create dummy variables?

How do I combine datasets?

How do I identify duplicate observations in my data?

Data Analysis

What kind of analysis is appropriate?

Exporting Data Tables

How do I export the results of an OLS regression?

Organizing Your Data

Organizing Folders

  1. Create a new folder for your class. Name it without spaces (e.g., ECON203-SP14).
  2. Create 2 new folders in your class folder: one for assignments (Assignments) and one for your final project (Project).
  3. Save your data files to the appropriate folders within your class folder.

Naming Files

-Adopt consistent file naming conventions!

-Name your files something that alludes to their content or purpose.

Example 1: Data for a class's second lab. Poor choice: mydata.dta Better name: lab2census.dta

Example 2: You download US census data for your final project for the year 2000; name it census00.dta. Then you create a subset containing only women ages 18-30; name it census00fem.dta.

-If you have multiple versions of the same file, add increasing numbers to the end of the file (e.g., census00v2, census00v3, etc). If you go back and make changes to an earlier version of the file, save a copy with the next highest number (e.g., census00v4).